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Supercharged HTML 5 Widgets

We're proud to introduce our new, updated HTML 5 catalog!

We've been toiling away in the lab polishing, improving, and re-imagining every single widget in the catalog.

Best of all, we now support phones and tablets for students on the go.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Say hello to our newest and most powerful widget.

Now, you can easily build branching scenarios and intricate experiences. Your students will navigate their own path through various situations and decision points that you can easily design.

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Enigma is a fantastic way to prepare students for quizzes, exams, or simply to review course content in an entertaining way. With engaging visuals and a “feel good” interactive quality, Enigma is an enjoyable way to engross students in course materials.

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The Crossword Widget is a new spin on a classic favorite! Students will enjoy the ease of using a virtual board to challenge themselves academically and increase their problem solving skills.

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Easily create games & study tools for your online course with Materia.

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Engage and Inspire Your Students

With a growing library of games, applications, study tools, & learning aids, Materia is designed to help you diversify your students' online learning experience.

Use game play mechanics to revitalize stale and boring questions, allow students to indulge in your content by delivering it in a fun and innovative way, and build interest by adding integrating concepts such as story-telling, competition, instant feedback, and instant reward systems.

Easy to Use

Every step of creating and delivering content in Materia has been finely tuned to be as clear and useful as possible. Get started with a walking tour to familiarize yourself with each screen and to enhance your understanding of how each widget works. Tooltips are also included to help you navigate and tab enabled forms facilitate power users to enter data quickly.

Superior Statistics

Materia keeps tabs on how each of your widgets is being utilized. Quickly view your students' performance by comparing scores and statistics visually in dynamically rendered charts. In keeping with Materia's core value that the learner is a first rate citizen, we make sure learners are able see their own progress and measure how they stack up against their peers.

Built at UCF, for Everyone

Materia is an open source project built by the University of Central Florida's Center for Distributed Learning. Our team melds interface usability, graphic design, instructional pedagogy, expert developers, and award winning distance learning expertise to deliver an innovative and usable platform for interactive learning content.

We're committed to building a better tomorrow through better learning tools, so our team is constantly improving and re-inventing Materia. In fact, if you have an idea for a new widget or simply would like to give us feedback, we'd love to hear from you on Github.